Part of your success as an independent adjuster is being able to market yourself. Completing and submitting your resume to get yourself on as many IA Firms, staffing agencies and/or claims handling agency rosters as you can is vital to your success. We’ve included some helpful hints to help you build a claims resume that’ll get you noticed.

#1–Highlight your Skills! Showcase your people skills. Having stellar people skills is a huge bonus in attaining and handling claims. Many of the people you’ll be talking with on a claim are stressed or frustrated. Staffing firms want to know you can interact with compassion and professionalism.

#2–Highlight your Knowledge! Show you have proficient computer skills & knowledge of technology. If you’ve ever worked in the construction or insurance industry be sure to highlight that as well. Being able to understand the many types of materials used in homes and that you have a good understanding of insurance policies, is what staffing firms are looking for.

Whenever you receive a new certification, be sure to update your resume and resubmit it to the IA Firms. The more certifications you have, the stronger your resume looks and the more opportunities you’ll receive to handle claims.

We have staff that’ll build your resume for you. What you’ll get is a professional looking resume with the keywords that staffing firms and search bots are looking for. As you receive new certifications, just let us know, the resume will be updated for you, at no additional cost for the first 24 months!